The Delimma About True Blood

Because I’m wondering if this season will suck. Oh, I’m sure that the producers have all kinds of freaky and exciting stuff planned for us. Those of you who watch True Blood know that each season gets freakier than the last one.  However, each time a shocking scene (of which there are many) happens, my daughter and I would give each other the “what the …!” face. When Sookie does something stupid (which is not shocking, but often), we mimic smacking her upside the head. That won’t be nearly as fun now.

As far as drooling over Eric and Alcide? Not as fun, but there will be drool in spite of that, I am sure. (hubba-hubba 🙂 )

This summer will have text messages like; “did you watch it yet?” and “hurry up!” because we will have to discuss the episodes long-distance. We could wait and watch it together. No low-quality VHS tapes required, but waiting weeks to watch the next episode nonetheless. As I said – a dilemma.

Why the Hell am I thinking so much about this?