A Word About Valentine’s Day

SwanLoveOK… Y’all know it will be more than one word – Ha!

As I suspected, there will be no Valentine for me this year. At least he told me so before V-day. We were in the “seasonal” aisle at the grocery store, looking at the small amount of candy hearts, etc left on the shelves. That’s when he said “sorry, but I don’t have anything for you.”

Gee.   What a surprise.

I find this morning that there are surprises for me today, not from hubby, but from people who actually read my posts….

1. I am not the only one who thought the movie Love Story was obnoxious. Thank you, wscottling , cleopatralovesbooks and k8edid for your comments!

2. I angered my sis-in-law, calling her brother a “jerk“. Well, sis – sooiirrree, but on Valentine’s Day he is one. You do not know this because you never wanted a Valentine from your brother, and you are spoiled by your hubby, who apparently never got the anti-Valentine’s Day memo, so enjoy your romancing and stay out of my pain. 😉

3. Received a surprise confession: “I’m very much like any guy in that I’m like, “Oh, is it Valentine’s day? I forgot. Oops.” And it’s my guy who’s without the card. But I do love him, and he knows it. I guess what I’m saying is I kinda knew all that up there ^^^ because I’m the same way. It’s a good thing for others to know though because I’ve had to talk women down from breaking up with their guy because he forgot their birthday when every other day of the year he’s been showing her love. (I forget birthdays too… I’m horrible like that).”

4. Received some words of wisdom too: “So very true and as women we must remember it is the every day loveliness that makes us love them. Once a year romance would be awful…”

5.  I would bet she was lying, if I didn’t know her “My hubby never forgets a birthday or anniversary, or VDay! I always get flowers for VDay, no matter the cost. One birthday (30) I got 30 birthday cards one at a time at work and 30 long stem roses delivered to my work, along with a romantic dinner and other presents!”

6. I will call my son, who is a math tutor, to explain to me why V-Day + Full Moon ≠ Romance.

Here’s to a fabulous, sunshiny, TGIF day – whether you’re in love or not 😉

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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