Why I Should NOT Let Hubby Book Our Vacation

What is worse than having your hubby make arrangements for your vacation?ย  Having his brother help him. Two men do not make a right.

After getting our cabin ocean view re-instated (yes, it cost more money to have a view out the window, instead of an obstruction), I realized my mistake.

I should have worked with my sister-in-law and the travel agent when the arrangements were made. I thought it was a wonderful break to not be the one having to deal with the details. And it was – until, of course, things were wrong.

I am not saying that my hubby and his brother are dolts. They are both extremely intelligent men. That being said, they do not know how to communicate very well. It is a family defect that occurs in every male and when 2 (or more) men in the family make plans, arrangements, whatever, this defect grows exponentially.

The poor travel agent probably asked the right questions, was told by each party their version of what we all wanted to book. Her mistake was to believe them and not cross-verify the bookings and the terms with both. She told me she did this. I didn’t argue the point, but I know my hubby, and he would have never agreed to a cabin with a window you couldn’t see out of.

Now, everything is cool, as far as cabin assignments go. Unfortunately, I’m nervous now. Because what if the window thing is an omen?ย  A foreshadowing of more problems to come? I try not to dwell on the negative, yet a bad omen seems more likely than a good one. From past travel experience, I mean.

When I’m feeling positive, I can almost believe that we got the bad stuff out-of-the-way and the rest of our vacation will be perfect.

If this were your vacation, what would you think – bad omen or good times ahead?


5 thoughts on “Why I Should NOT Let Hubby Book Our Vacation

  1. Good times straight ahead! Karma will balance out, you were just lucky to get the bad out of the first so now you have nothing but good ahead of you!


  2. If this were MY vacation I’d probably be tickled pink just to taking an Alaskan cruise! Window or no window, view or no view. But that’s because the sour grapes are going to my head! Hehe


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