The Woman Rules: Our Side of the Story

TeaTimeLast month I received copy of “The Man Rules” in my email. I, with some fellow bloggers/readers, had to respond with some “rules” of our own.

1.  Hurting us physically or emotionally may make us cry. If you do not want us to cry then don’t do that. If YOU did not hurt us, don’t try to ‘fix’ us. Just hold us and let us cry it all out.

2.  If  you realize you made a mistake, or that you were wrong about something – fess up. Apologize if you need to. Odds are you need to.

3.  Leave the damn toilet seat however you want.  Just AIM for pity’s sake.

4.  Do not ask the woman you just drove to and from outpatient surgery, “What’s for dinner?”

5.  Whenever the 49er’s (or whoever) have a game, we will be using the TV. Yes, that includes the remote. We will not be cooking, answering the phone – anything.  PLAN AHEAD.  The team schedule is posted on the fridge.

6.  We cannot read minds.  But, we are pretty sure we know what you’re thinking.

7.  If you are refusing to talk (or otherwise communicate) with us, we will imagine, construe – basically make up, what’s wrong and why you are not speaking to us.  We are aware of #6, but that does not keep us from inventing ridiculous scenarios in our head. These scenarios always turn out badly for you.

8.  When we tell you that your habit of checking out “babes”, or flirting with them, doesn’t bother us – WE ARE LYING.

9.  We know we are eating way too much pizza and Chinese food, but it’s been a long day, we don’t want to cook, and no one else is offering to.

10. If you think our menstrual cycle is horrifying – just wait until menopause. WE don’t even know what the Hell is going on. What we do know is we have Zero Tolerance for annoying.  And everything annoys us.

God be with you.   ♥

Photo credit to Letty, proprietor of The August Tea Room, Livermore, CA.
Ladies having tea: Myself, My Lovely Daughter and My Lovely Daughter From Another Mother.
[left to right]


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  1. Just AIM — very funny. That’s one thing we don’t have to worry about in our house; however, we are two women going through menopause AT THE SAME TIME. God help us…


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