Wanted: Your Silliest Photo!


This weeks Tid Bits & Giggles is all about silly photos!  

You can play too  🙂  Send me a photo (taken by YOU) to add to the gallery. Feel free to caption it with something silly.

Only a couple of No-No’s:

  • No professional or downloaded internet photos.
  • Keep it clean, guys! My site is G rated , so don’t send porn.

Just send me an email with your photo (jpg) attached, to Jodi Lea.

I’m looking forward to seeing your pix! They will be published in Tid Bits & Giggles, Thursday morning (or afternoon – pending on the number of entries received). The absolute Silliest photo will get a prize of some kind. [Probably a silly one.]


2 thoughts on “Wanted: Your Silliest Photo!

  1. I had a good one to send BUTT….I am not clever enough to figure out how to attach it or paste it!
    It was of four toilets on the side of the road!


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