Day Two: Pass The Dramamine

June 29th, Sunday: At Sea
More accurately – At Sea-sick (even with regular doses of motion sickness meds – damn generics!), both hubby and I felt gross. Lack of sleep and a wildly moving ship did us in. Hubby, who NEVER gets motion sick, was just as green as I was. Our cruise mates were blissfully unaffected.

Sometimes, we hate them.

We tried to take a nap, but could not sleep. The cabins all around ours have children and what sounded like dogs too. The worse was when they would run up and down the corridor. Slamming the exit door closed in their wake. I have no idea how many kids were on board, but I can tell you that door has slammed 62 times already today.

Bunk Beds
See the beds stuck to the side walls?  They stuck out 12″, making our path to bed only 12″.  We had to crawl in and out of bed.  Or bang our heads and elbows. We paid an extra $600 for this feature.
The Donatello
The Donatello Dining Room

It took us a couple of days to put everything together and figure out we had been screwed. Our travel agent moved us to a different room because our ocean view was a “fully obstructed” view. Hubby’s brother did not change his arrangements and his view and cabin were way better than ours. Our window was still ‘partially obstructed’ and we had 2 bunk-beds taking up room.

In case you’re not familiar with cruising, days at sea are usually ‘formal nights’. I had been waiting for months to wear my gorgeous, sparkly, gown. And I wore it, even though lavender’s and deep purples do not go well with green. We were able to eat something finally and that helped our stomachs a lot.

My sis-in-laws and I wanted at least one dance with our tuxedo-ed men before they ran off to change clothes. Since it would be an hour until the dancing started, we lost. However, they did promise dancing after the 2nd formal night.

Formal Night #1
Formal Night #1

I remain skeptical, but hopeful.

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  1. Your shipmates were only unaffected because they were already on Dramamine! Luckily the sea calmed after that day!


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