WHO Called!?

JesusCallingSo yesterday, while I was gabbing and sewing with two of my friends, my phone rang. I figured it was a solicitor or a recording of one, so I did not bother to put my sewing down and answer it. I have caller ID, and an answering machine that would announce who was calling.

I was thankful I had 2 witnesses who also heard the machine’s robot voice announce,  “Phone call from Jesus Christ”  I was stunned and stood there stupid until caller ID repeated the message.

I had to answer the phone! – How often does Jesus Christ call a person?  I grabbed the receiver – the phone display also said “Jesus Christ”. When I pushed the ‘talk’ button my witnesses said “put it on speaker!”

Now the three of us were bent over the counter top, earnestly listening as I said “Hello?”

No response. I said it again, louder this time, adding “Jesus are you there?”  Silence.  No dial-tone, static or background voices like you get when a solicitor calls. No muffled breathless giggles from kids making prank phone calls.  Just a peaceful and eerie quiet.

As fate would have it, I had just finished listening to an audiobook titled; “Phone Calls From Heaven”  Written and narrated by Mitch Albom.  In the book, certain townspeople were getting phone calls from deceased loved ones. Instead of Mom, Dad or Sis – I get a phone call from Jesus Christ Himself!   Am I in trouble?

The call came from the 620 area code, which I looked up in a reverse phone directory on-line. The call did not originate in Heaven, but rather Hutchinson, Kansas.  The fact that it came from a wireless phone was the only info I could get. For free, I mean. I was too chicken to call the number last night, but now I realize that whoever had called, already has my number.

It’s too late tonight to call – not Heaven, but Kansas. Maybe I will be braver tomorrow.  I sure hope that Heaven is not IN Kansas, but somewhere like Hawaii or the Caribbean.  😉

Maybe the whole thing is an innocent mistake.  A guy in Kansas tries to call a buddy in Modesto , but punches in the wrong digits. His name just happens to be Jesus (pronounced Hey-soos) and his last name is Christ. If he has a listed number, the phone book would say:
Christ,  Jesus

That would be spooky.

Or… Maybe it’s some techno geek that can ‘ hack’ into Caller ID and have the display say whatever he wants it to. Then he calls someone to scare the be-Jesus (no pun intended) out of them. If this kind of Caller ID fraud catches on, it’s possible that we could receive calls  from God, the Tooth-Fairy, or the president of the United States. From the FBI, CIA, Iron Man. Maybe even Santa Claus.


Anyone else getting calls from Jesus?  Captain America, or his friends?  Please comment and let me know that I’m not alone!





photo credit: was_bedeutet_jemanden via photopin cc

6 thoughts on “WHO Called!?

  1. Kim, Thank you for your feedback – you are the 1st person to tell me they also had a call from J.C.! I suppose JC is making His way down a List of Sinners. Like you said, the whole world is in turmoil. I imagine His list is very long.



  2. Wow, how did I miss this post? I haven’t received any calls (could be because I’m not a follower), but that would be interesting! 🙂


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