A Wake-Up Call

AngelStatue  No more calls from J. C. since the one last Friday. Anonymous commented on that –
“It’s all over Facebook. Tons of people are getting this call!”

Oh, Really?

I use Facebook to keep up with friends and family and I have yet to see any mention of phone calls from heaven. Maybe Jesus is only calling those people who need to shape up. This would explain why my friends and family are not getting the heavenly wake-up call.  It would also explain why I did.

Out of the 7 deadly sins, at least 3 of them have hung around lately.  They are my favorites, and I tend to allow them to visit when I’m feeling sorry for myself, in pain, or weak in spirit.  Welcome to my summer…

Gluttony came over first and allowed me to eat whatever the hell I wanted to, when I wanted to. Stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning watching movies that hubby rather not. There are a ton of those kind of movies.  It’s amazing how quickly a person can gain 20-pounds.

Pride naturally came over to torture me about not fitting into my clothes anymore, rag on me to start grooming myself again (I have been lax about washing face 2x a day, caring what I looked like and didn’t want to leave the house – i.e. get dressed). Sometimes she (vanity) goads me into action, sometimes she makes me depressed. I flipped back and forth all summer long depending on how much pain I was in.

Last, but never least, Sloth shows up. To encourage what my therapist would call, “The Fuck-Its”.  Meaning, you don’t give a hoot about anything anymore, you don’t want to deal with even the smallest things, and just leave me the Hell alone. I don’t want to quilt, or (gasp!) write.

Unchecked, Sloth lures Wrath into the mix.  Luckily, the call from Jesus Christ last week stopped the vicious cycle. The thought of having to answer to the Lord freaked me out. I knew I was not taking good care of myself (physically and spiritually), and he would be displeased.  He did not even have to say anything over the phone line – I got the message.

Did you get a wake-up call?