New & Improved! Giggles & Bits

Giggles & Bits Thursdays will continue into the new year. However, Thursdays posts will no more be “Giggles & Bits” – In 2016, this column will be “G&B”, standing for “Giggles & Bits” of course, without all that annoying typing.

That being explained, I am trying something new next year:  Guest Posts!

This means, dear readers, I need YOUR help. I hate admitting this, but there are days when I just don’t feel funny. Sarcasm usually carries me through, but I am dealing with hormones and a cold, so I’m not even in the mood to hear funny stories, let alone pass them along.

My deepest apologies.

But wait!  There’s MORE!

Now YOU have a chance to be featured on Not Pretending (to be sane)! Share a funny story from your life, or let it all out in a rant (very therapeutic.) If a photo or poem gives you the giggles, please submit that  🙂  If you are shy – check the “remain anonymous” box and your identity will be kept private.

Attachments can be emailed emailed

Since this is not a contest to win money or items, we can skip over the legalize in fine print. However, please keep in mind that this site is rated PG!  My eleven year old granddaughter reads this blog, so “R” rated material will NOT be published.