Excited About Football

Only 3 months away!
Yes, I do count the pre-season – that’s when we can see the new players working with the veterans on the field. Decide for ourselves who should be cut and who should get a chance.

Just because we decide does not mean the coach, management and sponsors will agree. Frankly, with the decisions being made by the owners and coaches of the SF 49er’s, they should ask the fans to give comments and vote. After all, the sponsors want us to watch and see their advertisements. Management wants the bucks to keep rolling in, so maybe they should shut-up and listen to us. We watch way more live game footage, while they schmooze and mingle with the VIP crowd. We may even know something about football!

Sorry.  This is not supposed to be a rant…

I just wanted to share the football mania going on this summer with our family…

Football Rodeo Time!

Though she be little, she is fierce!