Please, Don’t Take My Cell Phone Away!

Cell PhoneI love technology. We are so spoiled with our appliances that cook and clean for us. I shudder to think that I could have been born before indoor plumbing, like my grandmother was. You may not think of appliances and toilets being technological. But they are.

I would really miss my iPod, TV, DVR and HBO. I would not want to do without my coffee maker or dishwasher, but I could deal. But my cell phone is absolutely essential.

I don’t chat or text much at all. Some days my cell never comes out of my purse or off the charger. The point is – it (and the technology behind it) exists. My days of trudging off to find a phone (because my haunted little car, dies – again – in the middle of an intersection) are now over. I can whip out my little phone and arrange a rescue while standing on the side of the road watching the drivers honking behind the broken car in the left turn lane. You would think an empty car with flashing lights might be a clue. Sometimes I wish my phone had a camera so I can capture these moments …