An Optimist or What? – That is the Question


And the answer is…  It depends.

How Do You Feel Today?A more accurate question to ask me is: “How are you feeling?”  I am a creature of ebbing and flowing emotional currents. Most of the time the current moseys along and I can tolerate whatever comes my way.

Occasionally, a tsunami will occur. There are warning signs that lead up to this phenomena, and if taken seriously, danger can be avoided.  I have discovered not many people pay attention to signs.  Probably the same folks that don’t read manuals, or assembly instructions. You know who you are.

When a tsunami hits, the optimist and those in close proximity, are swept far, far, away. What rises up from the angry sea is not an optimist OR a pessimist, but rather a Tasmanian Devil disguised as me. (No, not the one wearing lipstick, silly!)

If you have seen the cartoon then you have some idea of how I feel on one of those days. I don’t know what I look like as a Tasmanian Devil, but I have seen the look on other people’s faces when it happens. They seem very frightened.

So, when Bill Engvall says, “Heeeere’s Your Sign!”

Read it.