My Dream Vacation


Caribbean Beach

I have fantasized about my dream vacation more than once. I will share it with you, but you can’t come with me, got it?

A friend, limo driver, someone, drops me off at San Francisco International Airport. I fly first class to Miami, where I board a cruise ship headed for the South Caribbean. Why fly when you can be entertained, pampered and generally spoiled on the way?  Every day I am in the Spa for something. A facial, manicure, pedicure, massage. A nice way to spend time until I  return to my favorite island- Grenada.

We arrive and as I disembark the ship, I see a tall, dark & handsome man holding up a sign that says my name on it. Oh hush! This is my dream vacation. Get your mind out of the gutter. As I was saying, he drives me to a secluded luxurious condo, with a patio 50 feet from the surf. There are no other condos near by. The only sounds are a funny sounding bird and waves lapping into the sand. The lightest, cleanest sand you ever saw. And the virginal blue water is so perfect you suspect you are looking at a post-card.

My driver/bodyguard/man-servant (remember Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome?) sets up a blanket & umbrella on the beach for me – just in time because I have already tore through my suitcase to find my bathing suit and I am out the door stepping barefoot into the soft sand.  While I settle into paradise mode Mr. TDH is in the kitchen putting together a little picnic for me. I wonder if I will fall asleep before he brings it.

The tropicaliness* of this place soon seduces me. I am now a submissive creature who lies useless on the warm sand. I can feel the Vitamin D soaking into my body as I  pay homage to the Sun Gods. The usual crap circling in my head begins to circle slower and weaken. My type-A brain is going on stand by.

I packed a couple good novels, my novel in case my muse follows me here, and my laptop because I want to keep blogging every day. As I float in and out of consciousness I only want to do this. Nothing else. Simply be here.


*Tropicaliness: [trop ah kal ee′ nis] adj. the condition when very warm and moist air, fragrant of flowers and ocean, relaxes your body and spirit.