Diary of a Nicotine Addict: The Beginning

Lit cigarette in ashtray

I became addicted to nicotine by having  just a few cigarettes.  Seriously!

I blame it on the fact that both my parents were chain smokers. You could say that I started smoking as a fetus, then spent my childhood surrounded by a dense cloud of second-hand smoke.  I was an addict waiting to happen. If I could go back to that day I bummed some cigarettes from my boyfriend, and not do it

But I did do it. So here I am whining to y’all, because my husband and kids are sick of my love/hate relationship with nicotine, and I’m beginning the process of quitting.

If you are a normal person and have never been addicted to tobacco, or anything else for that matter, you may find my diary posts educational – who knows?  If you are also in my position (need to quit smoking), or you recently quit, please come along for the ride! I have the feeling it will be interesting either way…

Tuesday, May 10th
Dear Diary,
I am contemplating quitting cigarettes soon. I am even thinking of setting my “Quit Date” for May 20th. That would be giving myself a huge birthday present. Do I want to be miserable on my birthday? Of course not. Like I said – I am contemplating right now. the Mayo Clinic has a cool health website that has an on-line quit smoking program. Contemplating a Quit Date is the first step in the program.

All-righty then! I am done with my first assignment.  Cool.