Movie Review: Black Swan

Natalie PortmanWell- I finally had the house to myself so I could watch Black Swan without being distracted. I did not want to watch it with my hubby because it didn’t seem to be “his kind” of movie. He likes action and adventurous stuff. And you know what that means. Unsolicited comments, whiny complaints like “I don’t get it”, and questions.

The movie  had dancing in it, so I figured I would like it.  I did not.


I watched the movie on Sunday. It’s Wednesday night and I’m still thinking about it. That is how poignant the story is.  The movie is a “dark” drama – raw emotion,  strong characters, and some serious tension. Natalie Portman was brilliant! I enjoyed seeing Barbara Hershey and Winona Rider play character types they usually do not play – and they were awesome!

Sorry, I know I am being vague.  Usually I don’t get around to seeing a movie until it comes out on DVD. By then most normal people have gone to the theater and watched it. When I hate a movie I eviscerate it. See my review on Mirrors if you don’t believe that.  I don’t  give anything away if I like a movie, if you are like me and have not been able to watch it yet. I would hate to spoil anything for you.

I recommend you rent that DVD or find it on-demand from your cable company. It is so worth it!

BTW – My hubby would have really really really really hated it. That should make you want to watch it even more….

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