Some May Call It Overkill

Alex Smith
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Not me. This 49er Faithful calls today’s game against Tampa Bay a BUC-kicking triumph! It’s not everyday that we score 45 points more than our opponent. In fact there wasn’t any day, until today.

In 2002 we scored 41 points more than the Charger’s (I’m pretty sure it was the Chargers, but I am no stat queen). That was a very good year for us. We made it to the playoffs that year.  I am not going to jinx this season by making any predictions based on one really, really good game. Too bad the media is already doing just that. They are so fickle.

I am happy for Alex. He is finally able to play some football with a sturdy offensive line, and a coach that believes in him.  I know I did my share of ranting about Alex, but I NEVER booed him from the stands. Shame on fans that boo any of our guys! Boo the refs, Boo the dirty players on the other team, but don’t boo our own. That is treason. Period.

Can’t wait until next week! I plan to start teaching my granddaughter about football  😉