Packing My Bags For Court

Alameda County Courthouse My number is up and I must report by 8:00am – tomorrow.

I sweet-talked hubby into dropping me off at the train station so I don’t have to walk to the bus stop in the dark, then ride around 2 towns for 30 minutes to get there. This will save some wear and tear on me, as well as 2 bucks.

I will need the extra time to figure out the ticket machines. They change things around every year – to keep me on my toes.

Going anywhere that is not my office at work means I have to literally pack a bag. Sometimes it’s just a matter of stuffing my Big Ass Purse to the seams. But an all day trip requires a Big Ass Purse AND another bag.

I wish I was a gal who could travel light. I see these women with teeny tiny purses that could only hold 1 lipstick, a credit card, and a condom. They must live simple care-free lives and I want to scream.

I need a purse that is at least 18″ across and 12″ deep. No kidding.

Big Ass Purse
The Big Ass Purple Purse Exposed

This is the normal everyday stuff: Ducky key-ring, 2 pairs of glasses (one is sunglasses and both prescription), cell phone, Kleenex, wallet,  gum, address book, nail file, hand lotion, day-timer, granola bar, medications, personal lady things, and the all important little box of juice. And guess what? I have a train ticket from last year’s adventure that has $2.85 left on it. Wahoo!

You may be thinking, “Oh what a whiner! That’s not so much stuff.” And you’re right. But I’m not finished packing yet. I still have to fit in my little friends.

Medical Equipment
Entourage for a Diabetic

Believe me, this stuff is all squeezed into the big ass purple purse, except for the Fruit Fizz bottle. That will go into the tote bag along with my lunch, notebook, paperback and crochet project. Maybe my iPod too.

Now I have what I need to take a day trip. Except for one important detail.

What the Hell am I going to wear??

To Be Continued…

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