Things That Will Happen in 2012

Thank You

Thank you to all my family, friends and subscribers that have been faithful readers all throughout 2011.  You have made writing extra rewarding for me!

No, I am not claiming to be a  fortune-teller or psychic, but things I have planned (and looked forward to) for the past few years will be happening in 2012.


Hubby starts collecting Social Security. Married to an old guy will  just be plain weird.

I will have an iPhone.  I will also be changing carriers, for one that actually gets a signal if I am near my (new) house.

We will unload , Um, sell our home of 24 years to the highest bidder, give it to the bank, or whatever it takes to not owe anything on it.

Hubby & I will quit our day jobs. I have mixed emotions about this because I honestly like my job. But I like my hubby and writing even more.

Mountain House
The snowplow stops here

I will live next door to the Stanislas National Forest. A gorgeous house sits next to the forest. It has been waiting since December of 2009 for us to move in and make it our home. We hope to move in the spring.

I will re-design my blog space. Maybe go for a more professional look. Or not. Maybe I will have humorous tales to tell about wildlife and mountain living….

May the things you plan to happen in 2012, actually do!

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