Now That’s Entertainment!

David Akers Fake Field Goal Attempt


In case you haven’t noticed, I watch a lot of football.

That being said, I saw four things I have never seen happen on a football field before, and they all  happened in the same game: 49ers vs. Rams.

  1. A fake field-goal attempt
  2. A star kicker throw a great pass to a receiver
  3. A receiver celebrating a touchdown by giggling like a little girl
  4. A referee trying to stop laughing long enough to make the ruling on the field
On his way to the goal line

It was goose-pimply awesome. I’m sure the neighbors heard me screaming, but they are used to it. If the Rams had pulled this play on us, I would have screamed in the other language I am fluent in – French.  Thankfully, English and the 49er’s prevailed.

Wha-Hoo! Bye week, here we come.  I can’t wait to see what we can pull off against the Packers  😉

For Pete's Sake, compose yourself and make the call!

Photos from Yahoo image search