Got Valium?

Forget the milk.

I spent the past week trying to get through 954 emails that had piled up in my mail box at work, during the 2 weeks I was out. I scheduled a meeting with our department’s top management to formally give them my retirement date (July 19th). Only 13 more working days to go – and I can’t stop smiling!

At home there isn’t nearly as much smiling. So much to go through and weed out – still!  Haven’t I been doing this for months?  Not much sorting got accomplished last week – too busy interviewing moving company’s and trying to make up my mind how much packing we could reasonably do on our own to save money.

I put our old office furniture and the rolling cabinet for the microwave up for grabs on Craig’s List. So far not many queries. I probably did it wrong (this was my maiden voyage). I may have to find a charity that will pick up furniture.

To make the week more interesting, I got a call from my doctor’s office about test results that came back “positive” – which, unfortunately, is negative news. Now I must have a more  invasive test that will put me out of commission for 1.5 days to overrule or confirm the earlier test.  Like I have time for this …

Surprisingly, I am not freaking out. In fact, life has been so f#$%@!g crazy around here that I’m actually looking forward to it.  I will be heavily medicated for the test,  and that sounds soooo wonderful to me now….


photo credit: Robert S. Donovan via photo pin cc