The Curse From My iPhone

girl-with-iPhone  I thought she was just making up songs and recording them on my iPhone. I did not suspect foul play. I mean, why would my adorable 8-year old granddaughter put a curse on me?

Well – she wouldn’t. So it has to be some sort of weird phenomenon between my iPhone, her voice, and possibly a full moon. She was being silly while making a (very short) video. The song lyrics consist of 2 words, one of them over and over. It was the chanting of these words that must have triggered things.

It took me a long time to figure out I was cursed. Last week, her song came into my head, just as I was experiencing my embarrassingly constant “condition”. I did the math (put one and one together), and realized I had been cursed.

How the Hell do I get rid of a curse? I don’t know any gypsy’s, or witches. I doubt that my wireless provider or Apple could help me…

I’ll see my granddaughter in a couple of days and maybe she could record a new tune to reverse or remove it. However, there is the chance of her triggering a new and worse curse. But I’ve got to do something, before I end up all by myself on this mountain.

Wish me luck…

And what exactly is this embarrassingly constant “condition”?  Watch the video and you’ll figure it out.

photo credit: Chris JL via photopin cc