Silly Friday – Because Fridays are Special

Today’s Silliness: Spoiler Alerts

There are varying degrees of spoilage. Allow me to explain…

Black Swan
Subtle Spoiler

This is the movie poster for Black Swan. It cleverly foreshadows Natalie Portman’s ‘break’ in the film.

This only spoiled the climax of the film for those who payed close attention – I did not. However, I really got into the story and thought Ms. Portman’s performance was outstanding.

Humongous Spoiler




This sign, believe it or not, is real.

Kelvedon Hatch was/is an actual bunker built for the British Government and military, during the Cold War.

I don’t care if it’s no longer a secret, it is still the largest spoiler I have ever seen.   😉


If you have any suggestions for the next Silly Friday, please – don’t keep them a secret!