Let Me Introduce You To The New Me…

Well,  Not all of me is new.

Same old face, body, and psychological diagnosis.  With a drastically different hair style.

After-Sissys-MagicWhy?  Because I am coming into my mid-life crisis. That, and I got so pissed off at my thin, limp and graying hair, I almost took my sewing scissors to it. It would not hold a curl, it was always in my eyes, and worst of all – it made me look mousey*.

My new hair is cropped into a very (VERY) short pixie cut. It is now a caramel strawberry blonde. It is so much fun!  What a difference in my attitude! I feel so damned perky. (I don’t usually smile so big.)

Hubby did not freak out – I forewarned him. All he did was grunt in an affirmative manner, when I asked him if he liked it. This is the man’s usual opinion about my appearance.

In other words, he does not give a rat’s ass. He told me once, “I like your hair when you like it – that way I don’t have to listen to ‘I hate my hair!’ and the other cursing while you’re getting ready to go somewhere.”  Fair enough.

The downside to a pixie cut is my ears are in plain sight. This means I will need to buy more earrings.

Aw, shucks   😉


* mousey: someone with a drab appearance.

Photo taken at Sissy’s Bella Spa

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