It’s No Joke

Mother Nature is playing an April Fool’s trick on us mountain folks  today. 

She has quite the blizzard going on. Everything is covered in white and the snowflakes keep coming down.

Not that you can see the delicate ones on video. The big fat flakes hide when they see me with a camera. Even the delicate ones stop after I record them. If I go about my sewing or writing as usual – they come back. They know I love watching them fall and they tease me mercilessly….

So much for doing the Tuesday grocery shopping. And the weather-guessers are saying this will go on until Thursday. Even though I didn’t have plans to go anywhere else, and I’m a homebody at heart, I feel eerily trapped.

Glad I have plenty of soup and edible stuff  in the pantry! And, if the power stays on, all is well  😉

A happy April to us all!

P.S. They are falling again.