What Makes Me Smile

This is the easiest topic so far this year!

I have a lot to smile about and many things crack me up. But I only have to think about my “girls”  and I am grinning like an idiot

#1 My daughter and granddaughters. I could really use a BIG dose of them right now.

My Three Girls
Tanya, Chloe & Phoenix
Tea Party Madness
Phoenix Marie

We had so much fun at our tea party! We usually are giggling whenever we are together.


First Pigtails
Chloe Lea

Miss Chloe’s first pigtails. I worried they may be too tight, but Tanya assured me that her eyes were so big because she is fascinated with cameras.

#2 Dogs. I just LOVE them. Especially Bernese Mountain Dogs because they are big furry people. They love people (they think they are people) and they smile a lot. Molly is gone now, but her memories are very much with us.

Molly and Phoenix
Phoenix with Molly

Molly Smiling

This topic could not have come on a better day. After dealing with some upsetting issues this afternoon, I needed some smiles. Looking through photos to find ones for my post really did make me smile!