The Spring Cometh..


DaisyThis morning was perfect. Warm, no cold breezes, and clear blue skies. I doubled the length of my usual walk (1 lap around the block) before I realized it. So I walked a third lap because I was having such a good time, and I wanted to finish the song playing on my iPod.

Just an hour’s dose of spring and I am compelled to vacuum out my laptop and sterilize the keyboard and mouse. While doing this I vow to never, ever eat while working again. I may even keep that vow for a couple of weeks this time.  It was so gross!

After my little electronic world was clean I moved on to the bathroom sink. I was going to get rid of the clog from Hell today. Two major applications of drain cleaning chemicals later, we can now achieve hot water before the sink fills up. Mission accomplished!

Between fighting crumbs and clogs I did laundry. I started boxing up clothes I didn’t think I would wear in the next 2 weeks.  And organize my suitcase. My suitcase looks lived in (and it has been for the past 9 months), and hiding behind the couch were more clothes. Some of them tossed towards the dirty laundry pile, and others folded up and neglected because of weather. Mom will be proud – I finally cleaned my room!

Then I took a 2-hour nap. It was fabulous. I will miss nap time when I have to work in my real office again. The fever will really get bad when I move back home. The weeds I pulled in January will have grown back even bigger than before and I will sit at my PC, looking out my office window, wishing I was in my yard pulling them.

Oh crap.  I know what is wrong with me. I have Spring Fever.  It used to take at least a few days of springy weather to catch it. Now in a matter of hours it chases me down and infects me.

No antibiotics will cure The Fever. I must let it run its course and accept the fact that my persona with OCD-like seriousness about cleanliness and organizing stuff will be in charge for a while.

I need to warn my family.