Cookbook Interruptus

Future Cookbook

Sigh. Almost to the desert section, and I discover errors in a recipe given to me. By my mother!

On my recipe card she wrote: “1 can salmon, not drained”.  On her card I find the original recipe says: “1 can salmon (1 pound), drained”. So, which is it? I ask her. She replies that you have to tip the can and drain off the top, but don’t dump salmon into a strainer.

Oh.  She took the card from my hand and crossed out “not” and wrote above it “lightly” and handed it back to me. No wonder mine always came out too runny.

I suspect the salmon cakes is not the only recipe with discrepancies. I make a note to refer to mom’s file box while proofreading the cookbook.  For now, I want to finish adding the pile of recipe cards, magazine clippings, and sticky notes to my manuscript.

What I should be doing is taking a nap because I could be up all night again.  What I am doing is trying to keep up with my post-a-day challenge in the midst of chaos  😉  Since it has already interrupted things, I will pass along the correct Salmon Cakes recipe. Y’all should feel honored.

Salmon Cakes
1 pound can Salmon , lightly drained [tip can to drain off most liquid, but don’t use a strainer]
1 Tbls. Lemon Juice
1 Egg
3 Tbls. Onion , diced
¼ tea. Pepper
¼ cup corn meal (or crushed crackers)

Mix Salmon with other ingredients in a medium bowl.  Mix well. Shape into 10 to 12 ‘patties’ and fry in oil on medium heat, until brown on each side. Mom always said using a heavy iron skillet was the proper way to fry stuff.

Serve with Cole Slaw & French fries. And plenty of  salt!!