Is That “Be Aware” or “Beware”?

September is National Menopause Awareness Month.

Well, what a coincidence! I am personally experiencing my own “awareness”. After being in “peri-menopause” for years, my symptoms are now getting stronger. In other words, what sucked before has now become barely tolerable.

Why the Hell do they call it “menopause” anyway?  There is NO pausing. At least not to my meno.  My ovaries & uterus think they belong to a fertile 25-year old. How long can their denial last? The rest of my body is drying up and my mind is half gone. Are hysterectomy’s an elective surgery?  These are just a handful of the questions I have.

This month I will be trying to learn the whats, hows and whys for all this. I promise to pass along any interesting stuff to you, dear readers. I should warn you, I may whine a bit while doing so. OK, I may whine a lot…

These seven dwarfs demonstrate life as I know it. I may have to use them for my Threat Level Warning (on my door at work) this month.

Is menopause a politically correct term? Will I get in trouble posting it?

I’ll let you know…

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