Are You a Hot Momma? These PJ’s Are For YOU!

September is National Menopause Awareness Month…..

I was so excited to come across this advice during my menopause research. “Avoid poor sleep or restlessness by using temperature regulating sleepwear otherwise known as menopause pajamas or hot flash pajamas. You’ll stay cool and dry all night.”

Hot flash pajamas? Really??!! Gotta have me a pair of those.

I have paid up to $30.00 for sexy lingerie, back in my younger and friskier days. But big bucks for old woman pajamas?  That is so wrong. The pair I want is no exception. It’s just a long-sleeved T-shirt & matching pajama pants, nothing fancy at all. Not even one inch of lace. At the bargain price of $156.00, marked down to $135.00.

Ordering those pj’s would cause major trauma in my husband’s brain.  If Frederick’s of Hollywood sold their version of hot flash pajamas, he might speak to me after a week. Charge that kind of money on the credit card for old lady pajamas? I may not hear his sexy voice the rest of the year.

Hot flash undergarments are available too. To keep you cool and dry in public. Sheets and pillowcases are also made of this material (called wicking, by the way). Hubby also sweats at night, so maybe bedding is the answer.

I plan to get these items. As soon as I hit Lotto.

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