Edith Bunker, You’re My Hero!

September is National Menopause Awareness Month…

My husband is giving me the silent treatment tonight. I hate it when he pouts and ignores me. I hope he gets over it soon. If he’s still mad the rest of the long weekend, it could cost me my beloved banana pancakes.

Why is he irked with me? Because I disagreed with a statement he made about me and I wanted him to give me an example of what he was talking about.  I won’t get that example because he is not talking to me.

How does this relate to menopause? It doesn’t, but it reminds me of the classic All in the Family episode, when Edith suddenly stands up for herself and tells Archie off. Very loudly. It turned out she was “going through the change”. They probably couldn’t say “menopause” on the air, back in the late 60’s.

Edith And ArchieI think there is an 8th dwarf of menopause: Defensive Assertiveness.