Finishing Christmas

Finally!! This weekend I was able to remove our youngest son’s gifts from under our bed. We last saw him at Thanksgiving. My daughter’s family also came for a visit & we exchanged gifts. It snowed a blizzard up here too. Sort of spooky having a white Christmas in March.


If you think that March is too late to celebrate Christmas, then you would have hated last year’s Christmas – we finished it in August. Ridiculous, I know. This year, my plan is to mail gifts to the kids houses. If they can’t make the big celebration. It is my turn to host the event. I vow we will finish Christmas before the new year starts!

I can vow and declare this and that, but the truth is our kids are in their late thirty’s, and most have kids of their own. [They always had minds of their own …]  All I can do is invite them. They have to work it out with their significant others, in-laws, and whoever else is pressuring them to come to their celebration. Sigh…

Families – the reason most people drink on holidays.