Diary of a Nicotine Addict: Day 6

May 26th, 2011

Dear Diary,

I’m doing better in the morning now. But after lunch I really want to smoke. In between tasks I want to light up and “reward” my self for a job well done.

I need to learn to reward myself with something good for me. Instead I want something really good, but not for me, ya know? Like sugary desserts, highly caffeinated beverages, and very expensive beauty treatments.

ChocolatesAs a hyperactive diabetic with no money, those treats are not for me. Just when a girl could start feeling sorry for herself, Whitman came out with a sugar-free Sampler. I got a box for my birthday and it even has the map inside the lid so you know what you’re gonna get (unlike Forest Gump’s chocolates).   And, if you are wondering – they taste wonderful!

There happens to be a disturbing side-effect with sugar-free chocolates & candies, however. If you eat too many you can end up, well…, in trouble. Trouble of the ‘RUN FOREST RUN’ kind.

At least this takes your mind off smoking…

One thought on “Diary of a Nicotine Addict: Day 6

  1. I’m seriously interested in the sugar free chocolates…. for Mom , ya know. She’s diabetic, too, but so loves chocolates. I really pity her. She’s an M&M’s addict. Can those chococ be ordered somewhere?


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