Diary of a Nicotine Addict: Week One

May 27th, 2011

Dear Diary,

I think smoking dampens your sex drive.

After a week of not doing it (smoking, that is), I am starting to think about doing you know what.  Often.  I have not been this frisky in years. I hope this is a lasting side-effect.

My TMJ has really acted up the past few days. I must be clenching my teeth, or sucking too hard on my little candies. Whatever is causing it has to stop – the pain is incredible. And yes, I am doing my jaw exercises and not chewing gum. I need Motrin, ice and a Valium. Two out of the three will have to suffice.

I pray that it’s not an abscessed tooth disguised as TMJ.  This would not surprise me much. It is a holiday weekend and things like that happen to me, when my dentist’s office is closed or he’s on vacation. He vacations a lot more since he got me for a patient. I’m pretty sure my bad teeth has paid for either his BMW or his boat too.

Anyway, I am rambling (OK, bitching). Need to stir the green chili burrito meat and take my ice pack to bed for a nap. Maybe I’ll have a fabulous dream….